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FutureFootie.com was officially born in 2008 to host an online concept that had been used and enhanced multiple times since 2002.
It stands proud today, a testament to the many people who have played and provided constructive feedback to keep it constantly improving over the years.
It is written and looked after by one proud man with a passion for data management, an attention to detail, and a love of entertaining others.
  • 2002 v1 Concept introduced privately online for friends ahead of the Korea/Japan hosted World Cup.
  • 2004 Data-only update for European Cup hosted by Portugal.
  • 2006 v2 Opened up to the public for World Cup hosted by Germany.
  • 2008 v3 Launched dedicated site 'FutureFootie.com' ahead of Austrian/Switzerland European Cup.
  • 2010 Data-only update for World Cup hosted by South Africa.
  • 2012 v4 Added Private League management ahead of European Cup hosted by Poland/Ukraine.
  • 2014 Data-only update for World Cup hosted by Brazil.
  • 2016 v5 Implemented real-time score updates ahead of European Cup hosted by France.
  • 2018 Data-only update for World Cup hosted by Russia.
  • 2020 v6 Implemented knockout-phase league ahead of late European Cup in 2021.
  • 2022 v7 Speed and efficiency improvements ahead of World Cup hosted by Qatar.
If you spot any errors, experience any technical difficulties or have any constructive ideas for improvement, please use the 'Contact' option in the help menu and provide as much detail as you can.


With FutureFootie.com, the days of drawing a low-ranked team out of a hat and getting knocked out in the first round are over!

Points are recalculated in-game... Within minutes of each goal being scored, each players points total is quickly recalculated, meaning your table position can change several times within each game.

Change your predictions as many times as you like... If you want to, you can enter all your predictions before the tournament starts, but you dont have to. The deadline for each game prediction is 15 minutes before each game starts, which means you can take your time and study the teams one game at a time before making each final score prediction.

Create your own private league... Automatically your predictions go up against every other player on the site to see who is the overall FutureFootie.com winner for the World Cup 2022 tournament, but feel free to create your own private league and invite only the people you know to join it, to see who wins that too. You dont have to imagine the kudos you'll get as a FutureFootie.com league manager from the people in your league! Let FutureFootie.com do all the work while you sit back and soak up all the credit!

Double, Triple, Quadruple your enjoyment of the tournament... As each game plays through, the excitement level and tension among your social circle is off the chart, even for those who arent interested in football. Unlike traditional sweepstakes the FutureFootie fun carries every participant right through to the final game of the tournament, glueing participants to every game that is played, even to games between minnow teams they wouldnt otherwise have any interest in watching - because every game means potential points!

How to Play

If you have participated in a FutureFootie tournament before and know how things work - hop straight over to the 'Predictions' menu and click World Cup 2022 to get started.
If you're new, read on...

Whether you want to manage your own private league of friends/colleagues, or just join in as a player alongside everyone else, or both!... getting involved in the fun is super easy.
Just predict the final score of every World Cup 2022 tournament game and win points for each game you get right.
Then at the end of the tournament, the winner is the player with the most points scored. Simple!

Points are awarded for each match by matching one, two, or all of these three simple rules...
Rule A: Win 1 point for correctly predicting the score of team A in a game.
Rule B: Win 1 point for correctly predicting the score of team B in a game.
Rule C: Win 1 point for correctly predicting the result of the game (e.g. The winning team, or a Draw)

Example Scenario 1:
You predict 2-0 for a game...
- If the final score is 2-0, you score 3 points. (Rules A and B and C)
- If the final score is 1-0, you score 2 points. (Rules B and C)
- If the final score is 2-2, you score 1 point. (Rule A only)
- If the final score is 0-0, you score 1 point. (Rule B only)
- If the final score is 0-2, you score 0 points.

Example Scenario 2:
You predict 1-1 for a game...
- If the final score is 2-1, you score 1 point. (Rule B only)
- If the final score is 2-2, you score 1 point. (Rule C only)
- If the final score is 1-1, you score 3 points. (Rules A and B and C)
- If the final score is 1-2, you score 1 point. (Rule A only)
- If the final score is 0-2, you score 0 points.

Just make sure you dont leave it too late to enter a prediction for a game, because when a game deadline passes - your prediction becomes read-only. So if you didn't enter a prediction for it in time, you will score zero points for that game.
Please note that as always - there will be no bending of the rules if anyone misses a game deadline, so please dont ask.

Important Note: In-game penalty goals will be counted in your prediction, however penalty shoot-out goals will not be counted.
This means that the correct FutureFootie prediction for a knockout game could be a draw even though the eventual winner is decided by penalties.
So make each prediction for the score at the end of 90 minutes plus time added on. (or at the end of 120 minutes if a knockout game goes to extra time)

In the event of a tie (i.e. two or more players with the same total points) the tie-breaker will be used to decide who should triumph over the other, so dont forget to put your tie-breaker guesses in using the Predictions menu.

So now you know how to maximise your enjoyment of each game in the tournament, go to the 'Predictions' menu and select 'World Cup 2022' to start entering your predictions.

Why not go a step further and create and manage your own private league of friends and colleagues with minimum effort!
Just click 'Create League' in the Leagues menu, choose a name for your league and you're done.
All that's left is deciding who you're going to invite to join it!

What are you waiting for? Click 'Sign Up' now in the menu above to get involved!